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477 Submission Completed by Link Technologies INC.

FCC Completion Requirements


  •        FRN
  •        Password

Fixed Broadband Deployment

Provide the following if different than the information contained in your TowerCoverage.com Company Profile or specify that your account contains the data.

  •        Name of person responsible for filing. Email
  •        Email of person responsible for filing. Title
  •        Title of person responsible for filing. DBA
  •        DBA if other that TowerCoverage.com Company Information. Website
  •        Website for the Service. Number
  •        Number of Speed packages advertised?
  •        Do you advertise ALL package on your entire network and if you provide business services do you offer it on the entire network?
    •        If yes, Name of the Multi Map that contains All live Coverages (AP’s)
    •        If no, The name and max Download/Upload for each Multi Map within your TowerCoverage.com account.
      •        The first map is $250.
      •        2-5 maps are $200 each.
      •        6-10 maps are $150 each.

The filing includes the Fixed Broadband Deploy and the Subscription Data Portion. If you know of other sections that your company needs to complete, you will need to provide all relevant data.

Fixed Broadband Subscription

If you have a CRM that you can export the complete .csv of your subscription data, you will need to forward the completed file over before the submission can be completed. If you do not, we can provide a spreadsheet for you to complete that contains what is needed ($250 to generate the files):
  •        Address
  •        City
  •        State
  •        Zip Code
  •        Advertised Upload
  •        Advertised Download
  •        Business (1=yes 0=no)
  •        Latitude (not required)
  •        Longitude (not required)

If you do not provide the Latitude and Longitude, the rows that we are unable to geocode will be forwarded to you allowing you the opportunity to make GPS correction to avoid subscribers not being included in the filing.

Billable Time

The support time varies by complexity of your filing. Most cases, 1 hour is needed to complete the process. You will need to put a card on file for billing before work begins. You will be charged for 1 hour of pre-paid support and notified if more time is needed to complete your submission.

Files Received

  •        Map.kml
  •        Map.png
  •        Full_polygon.kml
  •        Simple.polygon.kml
  •        Geo.json
  •        Subdata.csv
  •        FBD.csv
  •        FCCSummary.pdf