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Marketing Address List

With the Marketing Address List feature you can obtain all the physical addresses listed within a specified multi coverage. To do this:

  • Select Orders in the left side toolbar.
  • Select New Order at the top of the screen.
  • Select the Address List Order type.
  • Pick the Multi Coverage you wish to obtain a list from.
  • The Count process will begin and be displayed in the "Recent Changes" widget of your dashboard.
  • Once complete, You can open the Address Count page and it will display to you the following:
    • Parcel Count.
    • Physical Address count.
    • Cost to purchase the list.
    • Estimated return on investment calculations.

Note: If you would like to narrow down the number of addresses on a map or get only addresses with stronger signal, you can do this by bulk updating the multi-map. To do this, open the multi-map you are using. Click update settingssettings, and you will see the option to bulk update included coverages. This will allow you to change the RX threshold of all the coverages included in the map. The time to do this depends on the number of included coverages. Once you have the address list downloaded, you can go back and bulk update them to the original value.

NOTICE: The Address List that we return is calculated by using available parcel data as well as the polygons of your Coverage area. In some areas, physical addresses are not available so no address/parcel will be provided in these cases. Also be aware that address are provided if your Coverage can get a positive signal margin within the property line, this does not always mean on the home or other structure within the property.