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Order KML/Shape/FCC Files

From you TowerCoverage.com account, you are able to order files from youyour Multi-Coverage. You can order the files to assist you in completing your FCC Form 477 or simply obtain the Shape files from youyour Map to develop your website or for marketing purposes.

To access your files, log into your TowerCoverage.com account. You can then openselect theOrders Map>> thatNew youOrders, choose to have the files generated from. Upon opening the map,from the top toolof baryour has a link to Order KML/SHP/FCC 477. This link will open the page displayed above.screen. Here you can select if you would like the Form 477 files orfiles, the Shape FilesFiles, the Subscription Data or to add Bulk API Calls order. Selecting one of these option will direct you to the PayPal order page.page where you can then select which map you wish to receive the files from. Details have been listed below on the files recievedreceived upon complete your order.


Fixed Broadband Deployment Data for FCC Form 477

Link Technologies, Inc. offers census blocks for FCC Form 477 pulled directly from your TowerCoverage.com Multi-Coverage Map.

We provide "Fixed Broadband Deployment" census block data as it pertains to YOUR COVERAGE AREA.

Note this is the block IDs only in 15 digit format as needed by the FCC.

What is included

  • A Polygon Shape file
  • A Simplified Polygon Shape file
  • A json.geo file
  • A list of all census blocks covered on the Multi-Map

KML/Shape File for your Multi-Coverage

WeYou will sendbe able to download 4 files.files once processing is complete.

  • A standard Google Earth .kml file.
  • A low resolution polygon shape file.
  • A standard resolution polygon shape file.
  • A json.geo file for the multi-map of your choice.

Note: this is a onetime purchase and any updates you make to your maps will require an additional order for the engineersservers to generate new files.

Form 477 Fixed Broadband Subscription Data .CSV

Also available on your TowerCoverage.com account, you can obtain the .CSV files that is complete and ready for uploading to the FCC for Form 477 Subscription Data portion. Once you are logged into your account, at the top of your Dashboard is the link to the order page.

On the order page you can download the template for you to fill in your customer data. Once complete you can upload it to TowerCoverage.com and click on *Process to Geocode* and our server will Geo-code your customer data and apply the Census Tract for each of your customers. You can then download your completed .CSV that is ready to be uploaded to the FCC website for the Fixed Broadband Subscriber Data.

Bulk API Calls

The Bulk API Calls order is strictly for adding API calls to your account if you wish to utilize the Bulk Upload feature. This feature is only available to Unlimited accounts and can be located by going to My Account >> APIs.