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Multi Map

A multi-map is a collection of coverage maps merged together to create one large coverage area. There are a number of options and features available that you can use on the Multi Map to create a multi-map, click onselect New >> Multi Map >> New

There are a few basic actions on each multi map and coverage map. You will have options to delete your map, as well as duplicate it. Duplicating a map will create a new multi map or coverage using the same parameters as the original; you will have to give the map a new name prior to duplication.

The Update Multi Map tab on the multi map allows you to view the original creation page with all of the selected coverage areas, and other options. This allows you to change your multi map quickly. Also on this page at the top is the website integration code. Please see the website integration section for more information on how to use this.

The Update tab on a coverage map allows you to change all of the RF parameters as needed and then update and reprocess the coverage map.