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Coverage - Delete Coverage

Remember: Any Coverage or Multi Map that you delete from your account are permanently removed. You cannot undo this and they are completely removed from the TowerCoverage.com database. Assigning Read-Only access to the users of your account can prevent unwanted changes from being made withotu your authorization.

Removing a coverage from you account will allow you to keep you account clear of un-used Coverages as well as allow you to test as many potential coverage as you like without exceeding the number allowed by the Tier that you have signed up for.

To remove a coverage that was only created for test purposes is as simple as opening the coverage that you wish to remove and selecting "Delete Coverage" in the tool bar at the top of your screen.

Once you have selected to remove the coverage a box will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to delete the current map.

If the Coverage that you have selected for removal is currently part of a Multi Map, you will receive a message that notifies you that the Coverage cannot be deleted until it is removed from all active Maps. You will need to open each Multi Map that contains this coverage and remove it by un-selecting it from the list and then updating your Multi Map. You will then be able to repeat the above steps to remove the map from you account.