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Website Integration

With TowerCoverage.com you can simply add an End User Submission form or a map display of your coverage area or both to your wesite!

Details on the EUS Form can be found HERE.

Keep in mind that the iframe contains a URL that is HTTP. If you site uses SSL, you hca simply change this to HTTPS beofre adding the iframe to your site.

If you would like to add the EUS Form, first you will need to create a Multi Map. You will need to make sure to include any/all coverage that you wish to qualify customers with. Also on the map creation page, the EUS Data Collection Form check box will need to be marked.

Once you have you map created with the Data Collection turned on you can the open the map. Located at the top of your map you can select the update tab. Here you will find the iframe code that you can give to your web developer so that they can add it to your website.

If you would like to display your coverage map on your site as well, you can do so by using the iframe code from another multi map that has the Data Collection turned off. This can be done simply by clicking on the Duplicate Multi Map button at the top of your map. You will get a window pop-up that allows you to name the new map. Once it is done processing, you can open it and, from the update window, remove the data collection check box. Once updated the iframe associated with the new map will display a "smart" map on your site. Any changes to you multi coverage map on your TowerCoverage.com account will automatically update your website for you.