New / Edit Fiber Coverages

Creating a New Fiber Coverage

Coverage Name

This name should be unique so that after creating the Fiber /Cable route, it can be identified if it is returned in a Path Analysis or End User Submission.

Distance Allowed

The Distance Allowed field is used to create the polygon after updating the Fiber Coverage. This value is also used if your Fiber Coverage is included in a Multi Map; in the Path Analysis feature as well as the End User Submission results. If the potential customer is located within the given Distance allowed, the name of the Fiber Coverage it is within will be returned in the results along with the 6 best possible links.

Polygon Color

You can set the Polygon color for a single Fiber Coverage, but the colors will be returned to Blue/Orange Polygons when added to Multi Maps.

Strand Count / Notes / Mode Selection / Type Selection

These values are used for your record purposes in your account.

Editing an Existing Fiber Coverage

Edit Pins

This feature allows you to move or delete pins from the polygon. To move a pin you click and drag it, To delete a pin you double click it.

Add Paths

To add a path, You'll need to set an anchor point on an existing pin. The selected pin will be highlighted in red and can be changed at any time during path creation. Note that changing the anchor pin will reset your current path, and any progress you made in building that path will be lost.

View Length

Shows you the distance between to points. This is valuable if you need to replace a section of cable since it shows you what length of fiber you would need to replace.

Edit Path Settings

This menu will provide you with a list of all existing paths contained within the coverage. From here you can select which path you would like to edit. The chosen path will be highlighted in white for easy identification. Editable values include Path Name, Distance Allowed, Strand Count, Color, Notes, Mode Selection, and Type Selection

Update Settings

Click on the Update Settings button to save your current changes.