Creating a Google Maps API Key

All accounts have access to view Multi Maps, Sites, Links, and Coverages. However, there are some features of the Google Maps API's that charge by use, and to keep affordable for our users, we have implemented the ability to activate some of these features no matter what Tier your account is currently at. The key features that are affected by this are the address search bars, and the ability to use Google Street View.

(Any account Tier 3 or below needs to create a key and place it in their company profile to gain access to Google Street View)

Setting up your key

CLICK HERE to Sign-in or create a Google Account.

Once you have created an account, you can proceed with the following steps.

  • Go to your Google Developer Console.
  • Add your billing information by selecting the Navigation Menu in the upper left, then select Billing.
    • This will allow you to utilize the places and java script API's.
  • Navigate to API's & Services >> Library.
    • Enable JavaScript API, Places API and Geocoding API.
  • Navigate to API's & Services >> Credentials.
    • Select Create credentials >> API Key.
    • Select Restrict Key (optional, this stops people from obtaining your key and using it anywhere besides inside your account.)
    • Under Application restrictions, select HTTP referrers.
    • Add * if this is a key you are using to activate features. Otherwise, add your website domain information.

Add your Google Map API Key

Once you have a billing account set up with Google API's and you have created a key, you can Log in as one of the admin users and go to Account >> Company Profile. Here you will see the input field for your Google API Key. Simply paste your key into the field (make sure there are no spaces before or after the key when you copy it from Google) and click update at the bottom. Your Multi Map and Coverages will now have the Street View available as well as the address search bar, which will provided suggested locations that you may be searching for as you type!