The Devices feature allows you to add many different pin types to your view-able maps. Once you have Devices added to your account, you can view them by Device types or view all Devices at the same time. Simply open any Multi Map, Coverage or Fiber Coverage and in the lower left of corner, you will see the Devices Orb. Clicking this will open the selection menu for the group you wish to open.

If you would like to view your devices individually, you can select the Devices List in the left hand toolbar located between the Radio-Systems button and Orders List button. The Devices List Allows you to see a list of Devices currently in your account, and also sort and filter by Name, Type, Group or IP Address.

These Devices have several different pin types available.

  • Manhole
  • Access Point
  • Hut
  • Notes
  • Switch
  • Box

New / Edit Device

Add Device

To add a Device, simply Open an existing Multi Map, Coverage or Fiber Coverage in your account. You can then right-click on the map and a New Device window will appear for you to select the type of Device you wish to add.

Edit Device

You can Edit your current Devices by going to the map, locate the device you wish to edit and clicking on the pin. There is a button available on the bottom of the view window to edit your device that will open the details for the selected device in a new tab of your browser. You can also access the edit page for each Device by selecting the Device from the Device List Window in the main toolbar.

Device Name / Group

After selecting the device type, you will Need to provide a Name for the device.

The Device Name and Device Group fields must be alphanumeric and can contain dashes or underscore only.

Google Docs

With the Google Docs field, you can enter any valid URL. This allows you to have a button in the view window of your Device. This button will open a new tab of your browser and re-direct to the provided address. It does not have to be a Google Document, it can be any valid URL.

If an unreachable address is entered, the value will be cleared out and be replaced with 'INVALID URL'

IP Address

The primary purpose of the IP Address fields are for your documentation purposes. Once devices are created, the Device List window has a "Check Status" button available for checking to see if the IP that you provided in the device is reachable (public IP's only).

IP Addresses will attempt to make sure you are entering valid IP's. IPv4 will check that each value is between 0 - 255. IPv6 Address will check that all characters entered are either numbers or letters between A-f. All IP's will save to the database in capital letters.


The Notes field is meant to contain data for your tracking and record keeping purposes. It can hold a very large amount of data as well as contain return characters and indents. A simple way to input a clean set of notes is to format it how you wish it to be viewed in the device window using a program such as Word. You would then copy and paste the data into this text area.