Best Tower Feature

One of the benefits to using is the ability to plan your network expansion based on under-served areas you're getting inquires from. If you utilize our Best Tower Feature you can determine the best possible position to place your next rig.

To do this the first thing you need to do is a saved search.

  • Step 1) Navigate to our advanced search feature from your EUS Data List.
  • Step 2) Select the areas you've marked as no service or no gos from your End User Submissions.
  • Step 3) Check the Radio Box to save your search results, and finally name that result.

    From there you'll select best tower, and on that menu you'll select Best Towers + New.

    Find your saved search in the drop down, Give your Best Tower a name, add you AP Antenna Height and click create.

    Wait a few minutes for the best tower result to process. You can then view the results from your dashboard under your recent changes. The resulting heat map will indicate the best place to proceed. Red indicates full coverage, green indicates coverage of 50 percent of the EUS data analyzed, and blue indicates no coverage.