Contained EUS Reprocess Feature

Our Contained EUS Reprocess feature returns all EUS submissions within the target area. This area is defined by your BeamWidth filter settings and the Max Distance of your coverage.

You can adjust you're results by using the check boxes to toggle pins on and off.

If the coverage is included in either one or more Multi-Maps, you can select the map you would like to pull the data from in the provided Drop-Down

You can preview an End User's signal strength by clicking on their associated pin.

You also have the option to download a .CSV file of the users contained within that coverage.

Results are subject to change if you make adjustments to either the BeamWidth Filter, Azimuth, or the Max-Distance.

Click the EUS Reprocess Button to Reprocess existing EUS Data as you build new Coverages or alter your existing network. Use of this feature will consume API Calls. Sending emails will forward all reprocessed data to your EUS mailing list, as well as push that data into your billing system. Note: that this may cause duplicates in your billing system.

Any reprocessed end user submissions will be refreshed and appear at the top of your EUS data. See the below image for an example.

Note: This only applies if you have the list sorted by last updated date.