BDC Submission Completed by Link Technologies INC.

BDC Submission Completion Requirements


The Broadband Data Collection filing happens biannually at the same time as Form 477. For us to file for you there are a few things you'll need to accomplish. First, you'll need to make use of our FCC Dashboard (Located next to the Change Log and Feature Request Buttons on the Stats Tab of your account) The Dashboard includes:

  • A Multi Coverage List
  • An Engineer List (For Certification)
  • And a Place to Upload your Fabric Data

Multi Coverage List

For each Multi Coverage you will need to provide the following:
  • ProviderId (A unique 6-digit code generated by the FCC that identifies each service provider.)
  • DBA
  • Tech Code
  • Max Advertised Down
  • Max Advertised Up
  • Whether or not the Coverage is Low Latency (This is either True or False)
    • The offered service is low latency, defined as having round-trip latency of less than or equal to 100 milliseconds based on the 95thpercentile of measurements.
  • And the Business / Residential Designation which can be either Business, Residential, or Both

You'll be sectioning off your maps based on this data, so pay attention to which access points share the same values, as it is possible you may only need one Multi Map for this filing. If you need more than one map due to variance in speed packages provided, differing technology, or some other aspect, Section them off accordingly and provide the necessary data for each.

Engineer List

This is where you'll fill out a profile for your certifying engineer. That profile will include the following values:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Title
  • Primary Address
  • Secondary Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Company Primary Address
  • Company Secondary Address
  • Company City
  • Company State
  • Company Zip Code
  • Company Phone
  • Company Email Address
  • Country
  • Company Country
  • Whether or not this person is a Professional Engineer

Your data must be certified via the guidelines provided by the FCC. Requirements can be found here: BDC Certification Requirements

A Limited waiver applies to all mobile and fixed providers. It is available to apply for the first three filing cycles.

Conditions for waiver:

  • Engineer must possess a bachelor's or postgraduate degree in electrical engineering, electronic technology, or another similar technical discipline, and at least seven years of relevant experience in broadband network design and/or performance, or

  • Engineer must possess specialized training relevant to broadband network engineering and design, deployment, and/or performance, and at least ten years of relevant experience in broadband network engineering, design, and/or performance.

Need Someone to Certify for you? We can provide that. Certification is available upon Request.

Uploading your Fabric Data

You need to sign up with CostQuest to get your fabric data. If you have not done that already you can request access here: How to Access the FCC's Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric

The Next Step

Once You've finished with the FCC Dashboard you can go ahead and order your files.

To Complete the filing you will need:

  • The Fixed Broadband Availability Location List
  • Your Form 477 Subscription Data
  • Your Company Profile along with Billable Time (Note: Your Profile should include your Cores Login and Password)

The Fixed Broadband Availability Location List

This product uses Broadband Fabric Data as well as your multi-Maps to create a properly formatted location list to submit for the filing. This is a comprehensive list based on your RF propagation data. Please make sure your coverage projections are accurate before proceeding with this order.

Fixed Broadband Subscription

If you have a CRM that can export the complete .csv of your subscription data, you will need to forward the completed file over before the submission can be completed. If you do not, we can provide a spreadsheet for you to complete that contains what is needed ($250 to generate the files):
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Advertised Upload
  • Advertised Download
  • Business (1=yes 0=no)
  • Latitude (not required)
  • Longitude (not required)

Billable Time

Billable time can be purchased from the TowerCoverage orders system. This order type is what initiates the filing process if you would like it to be done by The template attached to that order needs to be filled out. Support time varies by complexity of your filing. In most cases, 1 hour is needed to complete the process. You will be notified if more time is needed to complete your submission. If you need Certification to meet the Engineering Requirements, Purchase an additional hour of support.