Client Antenna Gain - Edit Coverages

Client Antenna Gain is the normal dBi of the antennas you use. If you are looking to create a map with the maximum coverage area you will need to enter your largest receiving radio’s values here. If you want to standardize based on the normal radio you would use, (not the largest you can use) your coverage will be smaller. This is a technical decision on what you want your coverage map to show. Again, if you want the maximum coverage, then you would enter the largest value that you would actually use in the antenna gain field. For WISP operations, we recommend you put the largest antenna you allow for an install to provide you with the maximum coverage area.

For example: If your average client only needs a 15 dBi antenna, but you also will install with a 24 dBi antenna. If you set the client antenna gain to 15 dBi your coverage map will not show areas that you could get with the 24 dBi antennas.