Order KML/Shape/FCC Files

From your TowerCoverage.com account, you are able to order files from your Multi-Coverage. You can order the files to assist you in completing your BDC Filing, or simply to obtain Shape files from your Map to develop your website. You can also use these files for marketing purposes.

To access your files, log into your TowerCoverage.com account and select Orders >> New Orders from the left side navigation bar. Here you can select from Shape files, A File on Behalf of, or Billable Support Time. Selecting one of these options will direct you to the order page, where you can then select which map you wish to receive the files from. (Not applicable to Billable Support) (Details have been listed below on the files you will receive upon completion of your order.)


File on Behalf Of

Through this order type you can get the Availability Location List, Fixed Broadband Subscription Data or Both. You can also Initiate the process for File on Behalf of through TowerCoverage.com. To find out more about this order type and the File on Behalf of process Click Here.

Note: this is a onetime purchase and any updates you make to your maps will require an additional order for the servers to generate new files.

Google Earth .kml

This order type includes:
  • A kml
  • A PNG linked to the kml
  • A filled_full_poly.kml
  • A simplifed_json.geo

Google Earth .kml PLUS ESRI .shp Files

Aside from our standard shape files, you also have the option to download Google Earth .kml plus ESRI .shp files.

Discount Schedule

There are discounts available for bulk orders that apply to all the above order types, but they are only applicable if the files are purchased as a group for a single order. Discounts are automatically applied during the order process

Bulk Rates

0% off 0-2 maps
5% off 3-4 maps
10% off 5-10 maps
20% off 11-25 maps
30% off 26-100 maps

Billable Support Time

This order type is to purchase billable support time, and can be applied for special projects or requests that involve the assistance of TowerCoverage Technicians. This can be purchased one hour at a time or in Bulk depending on the scope of the project and the amount of time involved.