Coverage maps are the basis for The goal is to generate an accurate RF coverage area based on two factors: the site and the RF system properties. The site is the center point from which your radio system will run. The RF system properties consist of the Transmitter information, the Receiving Station, System Performance Values and Land Cover values. All of these components are used to create your coverage map. However, if incorrect data is entered, the coverage map generated will not be accurate. So it is very important to get the correct data entered into the system to ensure the highest accuracy.

To do this, we recommend that you base each coverage map on the actual transmitter radios and antennas you are using. Some customers will use Spectral Antennas in multiple band frequencies. The most accurate method is to create a coverage map for EACH sector antenna in each band, thus giving you the coverage per sector.

For a quick reference while creating a Coverage, you can hover your cursor over the field in question to get a brief description and /or recommendation for the values associated with that field.

For more details on coverage creation and the settings involved, you can browse the following index.

Coverages Index

This page includes all of the RF system properties. We have covered each of the subsections in detail in the other pages of this site. We have explained where to get data, where to put it and the purpose of each section.