Settings - Overlays

In you are able to add Overlays to your account. There are some overlays already in the site that are there for everyone, but you can also add your own overlays that are specific to your account. The overlays must be in KML format and no greater than 3MBs. (The 3MB file size is a Google Restriction and cannot be altered) This allows you to use other software, such as Google Earth to lay out locations that are relevant to your company, such as office locations, customer locations, or fiber routes of your network.

You can then place these overlays into your account and view them from any of your Coverages or Multi Coverages! The Below image is an example of a hiking trail that has been added to

Adding Overlays

To add overlays to your account you will need to be logged in as the admin of the account. Once logged in you can go to the Overlay's tab in the settings section on the left side of your Dashboard.

Once you are there you can add your overlays. As stated before, the files musts be in a KML/KMZ format an you will need to name the overlay. All Overlays that you upload into will then become available via your Coverage Map.

Viewing Overlays

After you have added your overlays, you can access them the next time you open your coverage. Located on the left side of the map, there are map tools. Here you can select Overlays. Once selected, a drop down menu will open that contains all of your overlays as well as the default overlays that are already in

Only one overlay can be active at a time. you must turn them off by selecting it again before viewing another overlay.