Site to Plot

The Site to Plot section allows you to select a predefined radio system. There are some predefined radio systems automatically available in, but you can also create custom Radio Systems. Instructions for creating custom Radio Systems can be found in the Radio System section.

By selecting a Radio System auto fills some or all of the information for the other sections on this page. Required fields of this section include naming the coverage map you are creating, selecting the tower site that this equipment is located on, and entering the height of the mounted equipment.

Map Name

You can name the coverage map anything you'd like, however, we recommend you use: tower/site name–antenna–directional degree of the antenna.

For example: For a coverage map of a 2.4 GHz Sector on Pinoak Tower set at due south the name will be “pinoaktower-sector24-180”. For your information, due north is 0 degrees, due east is 90 degrees, due south is 180 degrees and due west is 270 degrees.

Tower Site

Select one of the Tower Sites you set up already from the drop down menu.

Antenna Height

By default, when you select the site, will automatically pull the height from that site’s properties. Once you have selected the proper tower site name, you can manually adjust the antenna height for this specific coverage map. If you enter the height in feet will automatically convert it to meters for you.