EUS Emails

When using the website integration of your account, you can add up to 5 recipients to receive an email notification of the 6 Best coverages that can provide service to that customer location. You can add a distribution group by going to Account >> EUS Settings.

IMPORTANT: If you DO NOT want to receive EUS Emails you can use the email as the recipient under EUS settings.

Keep in mind, all coverages where the customer location falls outside the Beam width will be excluded. If you wish to allow EUS and Path Analysis results to utilize any side lobes that the antenna has, you will need to increase the beam width of your coverage to allow this. The Beam Width has no affect on the propagation of a Coverage Map.


If you experience issues with receiving email, you will need to make sure that you white list the follow things on your mail server to prevent EUS emails from being rejected by your servers.

  1. *
  7. 2620:13c:b0000::/48
  8. 2620:13c:b000::51 and 52