Change Log

Changes v3.23.8909.17185 5/24/2024

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with the User page preventing sub users start page from being set.
  • 2FA corrected preventing the code box from appearing on the login page when account has required but user not enabled.

Change to order types

  • The Google kml order has been changed to be an image only overlay file and the polygon file and geo.json have been included in the ESRI order type so that you receive all versions of shp and polygon files in 1 complete order as well as the image overlay.

Changes v3.23.8858.17778 5/17/2024

  • Upgraded Java Script to prevent Phishing
  • Updated Link View
  • Visual Update made to Sites View (Layout adjustments to some elements)

Bug Fix

  • Update the Login page to correct 2FA field (Previously Hidden)

Changes v3.23.8858.17778 April 2024

Bug Fixes
  • The Login Screen for 2 Factor Authentication was missing the 2FA field to input the code. This has been corrected.
  • We had link values were not showing, this has been corrected.
  • Broken Link images have been corrected.
  • Icon images were not loading from the cache server, this has been corrected.
  • The Horizon view images on Links where pixelated, this issue has been corrected.

Changes v3.23.8858.17778

System Upgrade
  • Added more processing servers for less wait time in the queue, and faster processing of bulk processes.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue processing links has been corrected.
  • Fiber coverage creation now requires a distance of "1" to complete the process.
  • This corrects an issue where not all fiber coverages would display on the Multi-Map.

Changes v3.23.8845.17009 3/29/2024

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a bug with the import sites from csv upload.
  • EditCoverages now shifts the center point of the map to the site point on a coverage.

Changes v3.23.8832.23609 3/8/2024

Feature Updates We have made some updates to how our system functions in the event of a coverage overage.

  • The click to upgrade buttons now redirect the user to the upgrade page.
  • We added fiber coverages to the page as a part of the overall coverage count and listed them to give an option to delete them.
  • A search option has been added to separate fiber from wireless in the list.
  • We removed the orange highlight from the fiber coverage list to give it a more uniform look.
  • We altered the pop up warning so the user understands that they can delete fiber or standard coverages.
  • Minor visual changes were made.
  • Users can no longer create coverages if an overage occurs.

Changes v3.23.8829.18989 3/4/2024

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the EUS menu on Multi Maps not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with EUS icons that were not displaying on a Multi-Map.

Changes v3.23.8810.16606 2/16/2024

Bug Fixes
  • An issue with placing a pin directly in a fiber coverage has been resolved, and the standard color scheme of blue with an orange outline has been restored to Multi Maps.
  • A broken link for the Bulk EUS upload Template has been restored.
  • A transaction receipt issue has been corrected when placing FCC Files order.

Changes v3.23.8805.26687 2/12/2024

Data Update
  • TC Best Data has been updated for Texas.

Changes v3.23.8804.18923 2/9/2024

New Feature - Two Factor Authentication
  • Added the capability to implement Two Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator.
  • Admins can enforce the use of Two Factor Authentication for all users via the company profile.
  • Individual users can implement Two Factor Authentication via their own profile.
  • If a user finds themselves locked out of their own account Admin's have the ability to correct the issue by logging into the account and turning the feature off under that user's profile.

Feature Update - Fiber

  • Changes have been made to the backend platform to allow for more advanced development in the future.
  • Pin points change color from blue to green when a pin is selected.
  • The action to delete a pin has been modified from a Double Click function to a Right Click function.
  • An instruction box has been placed in the upper right hand corner of the screen for ease of use.

Data Update

  • TC Best Data has been updated for California, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Changes v3.23.8725.16284 11/21/2023

Feature Update
  • Numerous backend performace updates.
  • In an effort to acrue feedback for continued improvement, users will now be promped to provide a reason for canceling their account.

Bug Fixes

  • Made adjustments to the payment page so that the buttons show up properly.

Changes v3.23.8677.16500 11/16/2023

Feature Update - Placed on Hold Temporarily
  • The Marketing Address List is down for development.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with site height display have been corrected.
  • The View Checked Button on the coverage page is now functioning properly.
  • An error encountered on the EUS CSV download feature has now been corrected.
  • An issue with Edit/Create Link Groups has been corrected and functionality has been restored.
  • A bug was addressed to restore functionality on the view EUS button. This is no longer an issue and it is now functioning properly.
  • Displayed totals were corrected on "File on Behalf of" orders to represent the correct amount charged.
  • Selecting the same exact color for weak and strong signal patterns has now been disabled. This was changed to ensure contrast on coverage maps.
  • A css issue with the checkboxes on the Frequency Overlay menu has been corrected.
  • Corrected an Error that occured when creating link groups. This feature now functions properly.
  • Restored Functionality to the Print Links Button.

Changes v3.23.8544.18969 6/15/2023

Feature Restore
  • The Marketing Address List is back Online and Functional

Changes v3.23.8501.14960 5/16/2023

Bug Fixes
  • A CSS issue has been corrected on the TowerCoverage Dashboard. Elements within Divs are no longer overlapping on smaller screen sizes.
  • A visual issue in Safari with the buttons on a Multi Map has been corrected. The layout is now Safari compatible.
  • A character limit has been added to the thank you message field in EUS setting. The limit was applied as a fix to prevent the iframe from glitching in the event of having too much text.
  • Issues with design elements on the link group page have been corrected. Elements are no longer overlapping.
  • The view checked button on the coverage page was not displaying items that were checked. This button is now functioning properly.

Changes v3.23.8501.14960 4/11/2023

  • Updated the pricing schedules to make sure they all match.
  • The Edit Sites tab is now hidden if there are no sites available to Edit.
  • Removed references in the code to all deprecated inline styles.
  • Added a confirmation notification to the process of creating a link group.
  • The Live Chat Window has been updated to allow the user to move its postion.
  • The Download EUS Button now triggers a popup notice to let the user know the process has been initiated.
  • Added a data checker to the sub data upload portion of the FOBO order process.
  • The EUS API now has an option to insert a created date rather than having one automatically assigned.
  • Both EUS comment fields are now available via the EUS download.

Bug Fixes

  • Eliminated a redundant “closed chat” notification in the chat box.
  • Fixed a bug on the orders page where it was showing extra order types.
  • Made corrections to the mobile version of the site so that users could update their card information.
  • Fixed a bug on the mobile version of the site. The Payment Details page now displays correctly.
  • A Bug was corrected in EUS Settings. It was preventing the use of a Custom Message. We have now restored functionality back to normal.
  • Fixed a bug on the Coverage page in Firefox where part of the interface was being cut off. All elements are now within appropriate bounds.
  • Choosing a Date no longer causes the Advanced Search Box to close.
  • Corrected a Bug found in the Bulk Update coverage process. Proper functionality for The Bulk Update Coverage option has been restored.
  • Corrected an issue with the preferred contact method on the EUS template generator. Proper functionality has now been restored.
  • The Download EUS CSV button is no longer causing an error when clicked.
  • Made corrections to a Product ID. It now produces a list of Coverages in the account rather than a list of Multi Coverages.
  • Corrected a Bug where Alabama went Missing from the Iframe Drop Down. Alabama has now been restored to a selectable option.
  • Corrected a bug regarding a sign up issue with PayPal.
  • Corrected a bug in the EUS Iframe that occurred during the process of moving the pin. Iframe now functions as normal.
  • Made Corrections to the Address List order type. Functionality has now been restored.
  • Corrected a Bug with the View Saved Search Button. Proper functionality has been restored.
  • Corrected a Bug found in the Data Images parameter while using the Coverage creation API. It will now accept a 1 or 0 as a valid value.

Changes v3.23.8462.15422 as of 4/5/2023

2/14/2023 Updates

  • All products have now been updated to use the current discount schedule.

3/3/2023 Updates

  • KML orders can no longer be purchased for Fiber Only Coverage Maps.
    • Note - We made this adjustment because the Polygons for Fiber maps are incompatible with the KML order process, and will not develop the files needed for that order type.

  • Bug resolved with the Fabric Upload process.
    • The window was closing immediately after the file finished uploading. This was corrected and the process was altered by adding a graphic indicator for analyzing the file as well as error checking where needed.

  • EUS data can now be completely deleted and will no longer show up in the new EUS list when the user elects to delete the entry.

  • There was a bug in Payment Details causing the totals to be rounded to the nearest whole number. This has been corrected.

  • CSS across the site has been updated to maintain a consistent look and feel.

  • Made adjustments to the code to prevent the use of duplicate link names on accounts.
  • Site names are updated when updated in the links menu.

  • A scroll bar has been added to view selected coverages.

  • Corrected a bug that prevented the user from deleting devices.

  • Corrected a bug on the Multi Map with the view devices button. The view devices button now functions properly.

  • Fixed a coverage display issue between Chrome and Firefox.

  • The view coverage button will no longer be active unless a coverage is selected to view.

  • Added error handling for invalid characters/Spaces in EUS email addresses.

  • Added an automated email process to FOBO orders to notify the user when the order has an issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Error checking has been added to the FOBO payment process to indicate when an AVS Mismatch occurs.

3/16/2023 Updates

  • Fixed a bug where Ground elevation for the left side and right side of a path always returns 0 on the LinkPathAPI.

3/17/2023 Updates

  • The 504 error produced by the path analysis has been corrected.

3/30/2023 Updates

  • Created an RSRP Calculation API.

  • Multi-Map Re-Design
    • Updated the New MultiCoverage Interface so that it has Map options in a clean column on the left.
    • Included and excluded coverages lists are now side by side with arrows in between.
    • If the Account has Fiber Coverages, the included and excluded fiber lists are also side by side with arrows in between.
    • If the map does not include fiber coverages a message is displayed stating “Your account does not currently have any Fiber Coverages”.

Changes v3.23.8375.18373 12/6/2022

Bug Fix

Coverage Creation

  • Issues with coverage creation have been corrected and users can freely click around the settings without causing issues.
  • Null values on the back end no longer need to be tabbed through to populate.


  • We have continued making visual updates to TowerCoverage to provide a cleaner look and feel.
  • You can see visual updates on the Multi Coverage page, our news feed, and various other areas along the site.
  • Look and feel has been streamlined to remain consistent across the site.
  • We have re-designed the Multi Map Creation page for a cleaner look and feel, as well as the ability to set the FCC Values of the MultiCoverage on creation to assist in the streamlining of the Order Process

Changes v3.23.8339.17119 10/31/2022

New Feature

Overlapping Coverages

  • Customers are now able to view custom colored coverages and turn them on and off via checkbox to see where they overlap.


  • We have made updates to our basic layout to provide a cleaner look and feel.

Changes v3.23.8318.18308 10/10/2022

New Feature

Added 'Client Height Recalculate' to the Coverage Link Path.

  • This allows you to change the customer height without having to go back to the Coverage and re-do the Path Analysis. You can simply change the height and click Re-Calculate and it will update the link.


  • Fixed an issue with the iFrame.
  • Fixed a bug not allowing the address autocomplete to show on MultiCoverages.

Changes v3.23.8306.24087 9/28/2022

Bug Fixes

  • The Process of changing the color and distance of a fiber coverage is now working properly.
  • When Deleting Fiber Coverages from the Fiber List menu, it will notify prior to deleting which Multi Coverages it will be removed from and it will successfully remove it and all associated paths connected to that Fiber Coverage.
  • New Features We have added a new "Processing" Menu toward the top section of our left side navigation bar.
  • This menu will display average processing times per various coverage resolutions and other job types.


  • We've implemented a New Chat, and Contact Us Ticket System to Improve overall efficiency and end user experience.
  • The Feature Request button can now be accessed while navigating through any page. It has been moved to the left side navigation bar and when accessed, takes the form of an overlay rather than activating a new tab.
  • The link to the TowerCoverage FCC Dashboard has been moved from the stats page, and can now be found directly linked on the left side navigation bar.
  • The option to Add or Update a Company Logo can now be found under the Company Profile Sub Menu of the Account tab.
  • The Change Log button has been moved to the Account tab and can now be found at the bottom left section of that tab.
  • The toggle switch to turn tutorials on and off has been moved to the account tab and can now be found at the top right-hand side of the tab.
  • Other Backend processes to improve processing efficiency.

Changes v3.23.8228.16345 7/12/2022

Bug Fixes
  • An issue with transparency surrounding the color picker has been corrected.
  • Accounts with a large amount of coverages can now select all of their coverages to add them to a Multi-Map without an issue.
  • The Download EUS CSV button is no longer producing an error when a user selects it after doing an advanced search.
  • When Ordering a File from a Multi-Map was selecting the wrong coverage. This issue has been corrected.
  • Making adjustments to LandCover no longer applies changes to all existing sets.
  • Visual issues found in the LandCover UI have been corrected.


  • a CoverageName Parameter has now been added to the EUS Billing API.

Changes v3.23.8213.13948 6/27/2022

Bug Fixes
  • The Path Analysis process has been adjusted to use LandCover Settings.
  • Inconsistency between the API vs the In System Path Analysis has been corrected.
  • The EUS Data Advanced Page has been Corrected for better Mobile Viewing.
  • The Functionality for the ReSend EUS Button has been Restored.
  • Land Clutter settings have been corrected to only apply changes to individual sets.

Changes v3.23.8199.14069 6/14/2022

  • A Hyperlink has been added to EUS emails to go directly into a users EUS Database.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue with the rendering quality error consistently being on display has been corrected.
  • Link Tower Heights were not updating the right side slider, this has been corrected.
  • Fiber is now displaying correctly in the EUS Data Map.
  • Coverage Creation errors no longer zero out tower height.
  • The Max Distance / Beamwidth warning has been restored to the path analysis function.
  • Functionality for the add new user button has been adjusted to aways open the new user menu.

Changes v3.23.8175.25773 5/23/2022

  • The 1 Meter Data Set is no longer available for Coverage Creation.

Bug Fixes

  • Map overlays are now displaying correctly inside EUS data entries.
  • The zoom option has been restored to EUS data maps.
  • Visual corrections have been made to the edit fiber menu.
  • Advanced search by pin type has been restored.
  • Tabs have been restored to the EUS Settings Page.
  • Order files can now be accessed from a Multi-Map.
  • Update settings functionality has been restored to fiber only Multi-Maps.
  • PowerCode Billing System Integration has been restored.

Feature Updates

  • Error catching has now been added to Radio System Creation if you are missing a value for Rendering Quality
  • The Change Log and Feature Request button have been changed to higher contrast colors.
  • Master account holders can no longer delete themselves.
  • The Frequency Legend on a Multi Map now has the ability to scroll.
  • Text messaging has been added to the "How to Contact" option on the Iframe.
  • Site and Signal Strength has been added to the PreQual API

Changes v3.23.8146.22997 4/21/2022

Bug Fixes
  • Visual corrections have now been applied to the Find EUS Menu on a Coverage Map
  • The orders page is no longer cut off at the bottom and you can now scroll for any overflow.
  • The sites map view has been corrected and now displays site pins as normal
  • Update settings functionality has now been restored for Multi Maps that only contain Fiber Coverages
  • The Bulk update button under Multi-Map / update Settings has been restored to its original functionality

Changes v3.23.8136.11448 4/11/2022

Feature Update (Multi Map - Frequency Coordination)
  • Users can now pick their own colors for frequency coordination
  • This can be done via
    • The New Coverage Creation Interface
    • Per Coverage via the Edit Coverage Interface
    • or on the fly by clicking on the Frequency Legend via the Multi-Map
  • You have the option to change the color as well as the center frequency
  • You can also elect to update all coverages with the same center frequency to the same color or just change a single instance of it.

Order Update (Billable Time)

  • What was formerly listed as FCC Filing Fee has now been changed to the category of Billable Time. In addition to making the category more generalized to cover all paid support users now have the ability to order multiple hours at a time.

Bug Fixes:

  • The EUS API Results Button is no longer producing an error.
  • Issues with Coverage Creation have been corrected.
  • The API Template Generator Show Code button has been corrected.
  • Order Download Pages no longer show a Processing Image when looking at the details of a completed order.
  • The Upload Logo feature has been corrected and you can now upload or change the logo of your choice.

Changes v.3.23.8117.16378 3/24/2022

Feature Added: Address Count Update.
  • You can now pick Residential Only, Commercial Only or All Records when ordering lists.
  • Only the All records option will return records with no Use Class or any other use class.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug with Master Account User to be able to update the other Admin users of the account.

Feature Update:

  • You can now add multiple Users from the Users page without going back to the Dashboard.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed the required reliability from going blank when using the slider rather than entering a number

Feature Update:

  • The tilt value on Coverages can now be set to +/- 25 degrees as well as be set to decimal values.

Feature Update:

  • The Sites Map view to be able to handle all Tower Sites on larger accounts.

Feature Update:

  • Added Discount Schedule to order types so that you get a greater percentage off

New Feature:

  • Added a button to the Orders page for ‘Download Files’.
  • You no longer have to download files individually; the new button will get all files and provide a .zip file of them.
  • Many Backend Updates to improve speed and security of the site.

Changes v.3.23.54 2/1/2022

  • The EUS Reprocess API now has the ability to change the pin status of an EUS Submission - (Available February 1st)

Changes v.3.23.53 1/28/2022

  • FCC Form 477 Pre-Paid support is now available to purchase via our orders system.
  • Invoices located under Account / Payment Details have now been updated to include more information and a cleaner layout for printing purposes.

Changes v.3.23.52 1/21/2022

  • Multiple Maps can now be Ordered within a single Order
  • Multi File Discount is automatically applied when creating a bulk order
  • Fixed issue with EUS Template Generator
  • Corrected the 'View' button on the EUS page opening a new tab
  • Fixed the Map display on Sites List
  • Updated the Deployment Data to use the 2020 Census Data
  • General Visual Cleanup

Changes v.3.23.51 1/3/2022

  • Changes have been made to the Coverage API and the Bulk Coverage API to include the following:

New Parameter (Data Provider)

  • (Data Type is a Boolean)
    • Options: 1-Meter Data or TC Best Data
      • 1-Meter Data = true
      • TC Best Data = false

Changes v.3.23.50 6/1/2021

  • Users can now select from two separate data sets on Changes are as follows:

Coverage List Page

  • There has been a new sortable column added to the grid called Data Provider
  • Data Provider options are:
    • TC Best Data (Towercoverage Best Data)
      • This our standard way of creating a coverage
    • 1-Meter Data
      • This will create a 1-Meter overlay for greater accuracy

Edit / Duplicated Coverage Page

  • Data Provider option has been added to the pages
    • This a drop-down selection option
    • It will default to TC Best Data if no selection is made
    • When selecting the 1-Meter data set, the following controls will be hidden (because they are not needed or used with that data set)
      • Required Reliability
      • Use Land Cover
      • Land Cover
      • Use Two Rays
      • Create Viewshed
      • LTE Coverage
      • Data Images
      • Antenna Type

For more information please visit the "What Data do we use?" Section of our Wiki.

Other Changes

  • Edit / Duplicate Coverage page
    • Antenna tilt control
      • Is now a slider bar
        • 10 to +10
        • Values increase or decrease by 1
  • When updating an existing coverage
    • The end user will only get the multimap update prompt if the coverage is a part of a multicoverage

Changes v.3.23.49 5/28/2020

  • TowerCoverage has updated our 1/3 ARC Data set with a new version of Lidar Data. For more information please visit the "What Data do we use?" Section of our Wiki.

Changes v.3.23.48 5/26/2020

Bug Fix
  • Google street view has been restored to the Multi Map

Changes v.3.23.47 5/22/2020

  • The advanced search feature is now available for every account Tier 1 and above.

Changes v.3.23.46 5/20/2020

Changes to the EUS Data Page

  • EUS data view has been modified to display by page.
  • Results will now be displayed 100 at a time (This corrects a page load issue for users with large amounts of data.)
  • Sorting options have been enhanced to include all columns. (The sorting will be based on all EUS data not just the current page.)
  • Display options have been refined to help reduce the amount of redundant data being displayed.
  • The EUS data page controls have also been made to be more intuitive, allowing users to click away from a drop down to close the menu.

New Options have been added for Downloading an EUS Data CSV:

Users now have the option to:

  • Download the current page
  • Download selected EUS data
  • Download multiple pages
  • Download ALL EUS data

Dashboard Enhancements

  • On the Dashboard, the sections for overall counts, recent changes, and non-updated EUS Data now contain a scroll bar to view more content.

Changes to the Advanced Search Feature

  • Users now have the option to search distance in Kilometers or Miles.
  • We've also introduced seamless navigation between Advanced search, saved searches, and best towers.

Improvements to the Frequency Overlay Feature

  • Frequency sets have been assigned specific colors, rather than allowing it to be assigned at random.
  • A scroll bar has been added to the displayed frequency list for those that need it.

General Enhancements

  • Some of the scripts have been shortened, reducing the number of actions required by the browser.
  • CSS code changes have been made to reduce redundancy.
    (These enhancements lead to faster processing time.)
  • Input fields have been modified to prevent incompatible data entry.
  • Scaling issues have been corrected for smaller resolution screens.
  • We have also implemented a general unification of styles in map controls.
  • Users now have the option to turn off / hide the Live Chat button via their Profile Settings.

Changes v.3.23.46 4/27/2020

Bug Fix
  • The TowerCoverage Banner for EUS emails was showing up as a broken link. This has been corrected.

Changes v.3.23.45 4/21/2020

Bug Fix
  • A user reported that elevation data was not updating as it normally does when you slide across a link path. This has been corrected.

Changes v.3.23.44 4/17/2020

Bug Fix
  • The label for population was crossing its boundary and blocking access to the Map Data button. This has been corrected.

Changes v.3.23.43 4/10/2020

Bug Fix
  • Issue was found adding a Thanks URL in the EUS Settings Page. This has been corrected. The changes can now be saved as normal.

Changes v.3.23.42 4/7/2020

Feature Update
  • A view all button has been added to the links page. This page initially displayed only the first 500 rows.
    (This has been implemented on both mobile and desktop versions.)

Changes v.3.23.41 4/2/2020

Bug Fix
  • EUS Settings - An issue with the ability to add a second email to the EUS Data Report has been corrected.

Changes v.3.23.40 4/1/2020

Bug Fix
  • Made corrections to the password reset feature for the mobile version of

Changes v.3.23.39 3/18/2020

System Update
  • TowerCoverage has been updated to send an automatic email notification when an account holders API count gets closer to its monthly limit.
  • Notifications are set to occur when the account reaches 80% 90% 95% and 100%
  • Notifications will be sent to the registered email address for the master account holder.

Changes v.3.23.38 3/17/2020

Feature Update
  • Added Customer Notification Section under My Account -> EUS Settings
    • This allows to notify the customer when they submit an EUS.
  • Added Rain-fade Availability calculation to Links
    • This calculates rain loss based on Polarization and Rain Zone selected. Then based on the RX Sensitivity calculates the availability, i.e. Five 9s down to 2 9s.

Changes v.3.23.37 2/24/2020

System Update
  • USGS Landcover for the lower 48 has been updated to 2016 data.

Changes v.3.23.36 11/14/2019

Feature Update
  • Changed the EUS IFrame Integration so that users can either drag the pin or click on the map to select their exact location.

Changes v.3.23.35 11/5/2019

  • Optimized the Tower site data on Multi-Coverages with display pins turned on, resulting in an average of 380 percent faster load time.

Changes v.3.23.34 11/4/2019

Bug Fix
  • The distance discrepancy between TowerCoverage and Google Maps has been corrected.

Changes v.3.23.33 10/25/2019

Feature Update
  • The EUS Data Details Message has been modified to Clarify whether a submission is a no service submission or if it has not completed processing.

Changes v.3.23.32 9/30/2019

Feature Update
  • The Meter and Feet Fields on Coverage Creation have been positioned on different lines for better usability.

Changes v.3.24.31 9/25/2019

Feature Update - EUS Data Date sorting
  • We have added an additional option to the top of the EUS Data list. This option changes the default date display between the Created Date and the Last Updated date. This option is user specific which allows each user of your account to choose which date is displayed. For both date types you can hover over the currently viewed date to see the other date. Example: If you have the created date selected, the hover action on the date will display the created date and if you have the updated date option selected, the created date will display when you hover over the current date value.

Changes v.3.23.30 9/13/2019

Bug Fix - Save Sites during Path Analysis
  • Corrected the issue with saving sites during a single Coverage Path Analysis. The site will now show up in the sites list to be edited or delete.

Changes v.3.23.29 9/12/2019

General Update - EUS Results Print
  • Added a button to the EUS Details page that allow you to print the current EUS Data details.

Changes v.3.23.28 9/11/2019

General Update - Path Analysis Zoom Controls
  • Changed map default to a hybrid map instead of the terrain map.

Changes v.3.23.27 9/11/2019

Bug Fix - Path Analysis Zoom Controls
  • Changed the position of the zoom controls on a path analysis. Original position became obscured with the introduction of the live chat feature.

Changes v.3.23.26 8/26/2019

Feature Update - Coverages
  • Users now have the option to delete by group. These groups are assigned by the group field during tower creation. Any coverage associated with that tower that are not included in a multi-coverage will be deleted.

Changes v.3.23.25 8/19/2019

Feature Update - Fiber Coverages

Users can now add individual paths or offshoots to a fiber coverage. In addition to that users can:

  • specify the color of each individual path
  • add the number of strands as well as specify the mode and type for
  • each individual path.
  • give each path a name.
  • specify the distance for each path.
  • put an entire network into one fiber coverage.

Changes v.3.23.24 8/9/2019

Feature Update
  • EUS data sorts by updated date, but if you hover over it you can see the date of submission.

Changes v.3.23.23 8/6/2019

Feature Update
  • You can now download Shapefiles from your Multi-Coverage in ESRI format via the new orders page.

Changes v.3.23.22 7/26/2019

Bug Fix
  • When searching for an address and adding a new site, the pin will now utilize your selected custom pin instead of the default option.

Changes v.3.23.21 7/25/2019

Feature Update
  • Added a "Download Sites List CSV" button to the site list page.

Changes v.3.23.20 7/25/2019

New Feature - Contained EUS Reprocess
  • Returns all EUS data within the target area. This area is defined by your BeamWidth Filter settings and the Max Distance of your coverage.
  • You can adjust you're results by using the check boxes to toggle pins on and off.
  • If the coverage is included in one or more Multi-Maps, You can select from the drop-down which Multi-Map you'd like to pull the data from.
  • You can preview a user's signal strength by clicking on a pin.
  • Results are subject to change if you make adjustments to the Azimuth, BeamWidth or Max-Distance.
  • There is also an option to download a CSV file of the users contained within your coverage area.
  • Reprocessed End Users will be shifted to the top of your EUS data list.
  • Users can elect to send associated emails to their EUS mailing list, and re-push the data into their billing system

Changes v.3.22.20 7/12/2019

Feature Update
  • On your site map view, you can now see all coverages assigned to that tower site when you click the pin.

Changes v.3.22.19 7/11/2019

Feature Update
  • When performing a Path Analysis on a Coverage, results now include loss calculations. Calculations include Forest Loss, Statistical Loss, Urban Loss and Worst Fresnel

Changes v.3.22.18 6/27/2019

Feature Update
  • You can now make adjustments to the BeamWidth filter as well as the range and the azimuth heading of your coverages by dragging the pins on the map.
  • It also allows you to view the area that EUS submissions on a path analysis will be accepted.

Changes v.3.22.17 6/21/2019

Feature Update

The Fiber Coverage feature has been modified in the following ways:

Changes to the Interface

Coverages now display:

  • The length of the Fiber/Cable Coverage in Kilometers and Miles
  • The coverage area in Square Kilometers / Miles based on distance allowed
  • The current number of coverages being used

Changes to Functionality

  • Users can now create a continuous line of multiple coverages in one map.
  • Users can delete pin points from their map by double clicking the pin.

Changes v.3.22.16 5/22/2019

Feature Update
  • Added fiber coverage names to EUS Emails if customer EUS Data falls inside a fiber polygon.

Changes v.3.22.15 5/14/2019

Bug Fix
  • The Path Analysis was sorting the data by closest tower location. This has been corrected to sort by signal service up to the maximum distance, and by quality.

Changes v.3.22.14 5/9/2019

Feature Update
  • The weather radar button has been removed from the multi map due to lack of use, and the shutdown of our original data source.

Changes v.3.22.13 5/8/2019

Feature Update
  • A new API has been added to retrieve LandCover Type IDs when you use the Add or Edit Coverage API.

Changes v.3.22.12 5/7/2019

Bug Fix
  • The Devices feature was not showing up on a Multi Map due to a Google API change. We have updated our API and everything is working as intended.

Changes v.3.22.11 5/6/2019

Feature Update
  • The North America public map has been updated so that when you click on a pin the merged view will hide, and only the coverages associated with that WISP will display.

Changes v.3.22.10 5/3/2019

Feature Update
  • The Marketing Address feature has been updated to only count rows that have complete physical addresses. (Address Number, Street Name, City, and Zip Code)

Changes v.3.22.9 5/1/2019

Bug Fix
  • When you successfully create or update a coverage through the coverage API, it will give a working image path so you can see what the coverage looks like.

Changes v.3.22.8 5/1/2019

Bug Fix
  • Multi Map reprocess on coverage update has been fixed to wait until the coverage is done processing.

Changes v.3.22.7 4/19/2019

Account Update
  • Accounts can now have up to 5 Admin Accounts and the Master Account (creator of the account) can modify and delete other admin accounts.

Changes v3.22.6 4/13/2019

Feature Update - Multi Map Duplicate
  • The Multi Map has been updated so that the map displaying blank on a duplicate map has been corrected, and will use the initial map's center point and zoom level to create the new map.

Changes v3.22.5 4/12/2019

Feature Update - Multi Map Path Analysis
  • The Multi Map Path Analysis will now function the same as the single Coverage Path Analysis for LTE Coverages. The selected location will provide up to 6 possible links if the location falls within the Beam Width Filter and the max distance. As you click through the given results, all Coverages that are marked as being LTE Coverages will use the channel width and the projected signal to calculate what you would expect to see in your CPE for signal (RSRP).

Changes v3.22.4 3/12/2019

Feature Update
  • The Website integration has been updated. Multi Maps that are used on your website for map display purposes (i.e. Data Collection Form is off) will use the user defined zoom level as well as the user defined center point of the map. You can see what your map is set to by opening the map that is linked to your website. To update the center, you can click the map to drop the green pin and select "Set Center" in the lower toolbar menu. adjusting the zoom slider in the bottom toolbar will automatically set the zoom level for your map as well.

Changes v3.22.3 2/18/2019

Feature Update
  • Updated the Credit Card Processing page so that any error or alert will appear in bold red text with a more visible alert box area to notify the user of any problems during the processing of a subscription payment.
  • Updated the API Counter to reflect the use of the Edit/Create Site API
  • Add Edit/Create Sites API and Other API counter to the Account >> API page.

Changes v3.22.2 2/15/2019

Feature Update
  • The Fixed Broadband Deployment Data Order has been updated. The file previously labeled "CensusBlocks.txt" is now "DeploymentData.csv". The file will now download instantly rather than loading for a great length of time and it saves as a CSV file with the Block ID's in column 1 filled out so that you simply need to complete the remaining columns and upload the file to the FCC.

Changes v3.22.1 2/13/2019

New Feature added
  • Devices can now be added to Coverages, Fiber Coverages and Multi Maps. You can right click to add many different types of devices as well as view the devices by group or view all of them at the same time.

Feature Update

  • The Frequency Coordination feature has been updated to utilize the beam width filter setting.
  • Added a border to each sector so that the overlap is noticeable.
  • Each sector is now clickable and will tell you what the Exact Center Frequency is.

Changes v3.21.1 1/18/2019

  • Added low priority processing for Multi Coverages so that accounts that have less than 15 Multi Coverages in queue will process ahead of a bulk processed Multi Map.
  • Updated Coverages so that the Land Cover and Population Images can be turned on and off for faster processing if the map data images are not needed.
  • Updated the ASR Data so that all tier accounts have access to the Structure information as well as a link to the FCC Database containing all the data about the location.

Changes v3.20.3 1/14/2019

  • Bug fix that prevents editing Coverages if the account Coverage count is at maximum (i.e. 50/50).
  • Accounts are now prevented from going over the allowed coverage limit for their tier when using the Coverage Array feature.

Changes v3.20.2 10/16/2018

  • removed counting animations from Stats page to speed up loading.
  • Updated Bulk Coverage update to show loading gif after accepting the use of API calls.
  • Added saving notification when creating a Best Tower submission.
  • Updated the LandCover Type dropdown list to show the Standard option available even if the current account does not have any other Land Cover Types available.
  • Best Tower results now show in the recent changes.
  • Best Tower results now open as full screen rather than in a smaller window inside the EUS Page
  • Best Tower results can be opened from the Stats page Recent Changes window.
  • Accounts on the old subscription payment process now have an unsubscribe button available that will direct them to PayPal so the recurring payment can be removed.

Changes v3.20.1 9/14/2018

  • Drastically increased the resolution that Multi Maps are processed at for improved population estimates and Marketing Address List accuracy.
  • Multi Maps and Coverages no longer need to clear browser cache after updating to see the new changes. We have added image versioning to prevent the old image from displaying in your browser.
  • Applied Image versioning to the sites server.
  • Updated the Coverage Array feature so that it will no longer allow your account to go over the allowed limit.
  • Added limit detection to notify the admin of the account if the number of Coverages exceeds the allowed limit.
  • Fixed the Bulk Coverage Update so that Land Cover Types are applied accordingly.
  • The Email Support feature in the account menu will now add the email to a queue and attempt to send your email to our support staff until it successfully goes through.

Changes v3.19.1 9/13/2018

  • The Company profile now has a Google API Key input box. The maps on have been updated. Account levels Tier 4 and up now have the auto complete by default, and Free accounts through Tier 3 can provide their own key to enable the auto complete and street view features of the map.
  • The company Latitude and Longitude are now updated on creation of a new account.

Multi Maps / Coverages

  • The autocomplete and street view is now disabled by default for Free accounts through Tier 3. It can be enabled by adding a Google Maps API key to the company profile.

Fiber Coverages

  • The bug has been corrected that was preventing the Update button from being clicked when editing the map pin locations.

Changes v3.18.1 8/10/2018

  • The ability to sign-up,register and upgrade with a credit card is now available.
    • If you are currently on the newer PayPal Billing agreement process, you can simply upgrade your account.
    • If your account is on the older process and states to remove the subscription from your PayPal Account, you will need to do so before the credit card process will become available.


  • The MultiMap style sheets have been updated so that when opening a map on an iPad, it will display the mobile view.
  • The search field has been updated so that it will accept more vague search criteria as well as it will now provide suggestion of what you are looking for based on the area you are currently viewing.
  • The search will now also report the business location if the business name is know to Google Maps.

Best Tower Feature

  • The feature has been updated to improve the speed at which the maps process.


  • The iframe form has been updated so that the upper fields are clickable on apple devices.

Changes v3.17.2 7/13/2018

  • Updated the Address Search bar in Coverages and Multi Coverages to allow postal code searches, select the type of search, restrict the search to the visible map area, and include address suggestions as you type.

Changes v3.17.1 7/11/2018

  • Updated the site to improve load times and correct an error that was causing the site to timeout.


  • Updated the styles so that high resolution screen sizes can use the page in half a screen without compromising the usability.
  • Added a new button "Order Files" so that admin users can order any deliverable file from the Multi Map without having to locate the correct map in a drop down list after getting to the orders page.
  • After placing a pin on the map by searching and Address/GPS or by clicking on the map, you can now double click the pin to perform a Path Analysis without having to select any additional options.


  • After placing a pin on the map by searching and Address/GPS or by clicking on the map, you can now double click the pin to perform a Path Analysis without having to select any additional options.
  • Added an additional field for setting the Channel width of the Coverage.
  • Added an additional field for marking a Coverage as an LTE Coverage.
  • Added a dynamic calculation that shows what the RSRP value would be using the channel width and the Rx Threshold.
  • The Path Analysis Signal will display in RSRP if the Coverage is an LTE Coverage.


  • Added a GETChannelWidth API to retrieve all currently available channel widths to be used in the CoverageAPI.
  • Updated the Coverage API so that the Channel Width and LTE value can be set. This is not required and will default to a value of 20Mhz and no accordingly.

Changes v3.16.1 6/15/2018

EUS Iframe
  • The Iframe version of the End User Submission system has been updated so that the form fits better into the parent container of your website. It will take on the overall font style of your page. In addition to that, the background has been made transparent so that you can set the background color to fit the color scheme of your site.

Using inline style on the iframe other than the styles included when copying the current iframe code from your Multi Map could results is undesirable results.


  • The Account tab Contact Us is now clickable. It will open a window that will provide the phone number as well as a Verification Code to expedite getting assistance when calling support. There has also been a text area added for you to type a message to the Support Team.

Address List Orders

  • The address list feature can now be used on a Multi Map that only contains Fiber Coverages.

Changes v3.16 5/18/2018

New Feature

  • In the New Orders window, there is now a product type for ordering the physical address list from your Coverage area. This order allows you to select an existing Multi Coverage and process the number of addresses prior to ordering the list. The cost is determined by how many addresses are available. Once payment is completed, a file is created that contains all available parcel data from the Coverage area.

Feature Updates

The Home screen has been redesigned so that the lower pages are more apparent as well as easier to access via the new selection buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Multi Map

  • Added some new styles and font resizing to allow for changing of screen types.


  • the Master Account is now visible in the User menu and now has the permissions required to remove other admin users from the account.
  • The manage subscription page will now open in a new window rather than inside a box of the current screen.
  • The Terms and Policy window will now automatically display if there is any modification to it so that the changes can be agreed upon.

EUS Data

  • The EUS Settings window will now refresh after it is updated rather than opening a new window with no styles.

Changes v3.15.2 5/17/2018

Feature Updates

New Support number added to the Accounts Tab.


  • The Path Analysis has been updated so that you can either use the Client antenna height of each Coverage for the results, or you can specify a custom installation height.
  • New Multi Maps can no longer be created without a Name and at least 1 Coverage include.
  • Updated fonts to resize on screen resize.


  • The path analysis now allows for custom antenna height rather than using the settings of the coverage.
  • The Antenna Height and Client Antenna height Meter to Feet converter has been updated to prevent errors and improve ease of use on Editing and creating a new Coverage.
  • Save Path Analysis will use the specified custom antenna height when saving a Link to your account.

Sites and Links

  • The Default Height Meter to Feet converter has been updated to prevent errors and improve ease of use.

Changes v3.15.1 5/16/2018

Feature Updates

  • Updated all List windows to open in full screen.
  • Drastically improved load times of all list windows.
  • View All button added to Coverages and Sites List.
    • Lists will initially load 200 results and the view all button will reload with all results included.
  • Recent Changes on the Stats Page will now consider Links being updated as a recent change.
  • Redesign of New buttons for quicker response times.


  • Bulk Coverage reprocess updated so that resolution and reliability can be updated.
  • Max distance can now be set to 1 km.
  • Required Reliability slider moves in 5% increments.

Multi Map

  • Bulk Map Delete Added.
  • Added Search bar to Included Coverages in the Edit Coverages window.
  • Search by name added to Multi Map List.
  • Added row highlighters to the Coverage Update window so that pending changes are view able.
  • Small screen resolution styles added.
  • Added ability to sort all columns in the Coverage Update window.


  • Added small screen resolution styles.

Sites List

  • Added "Edit Site" button.
    • All sites can be edited from the list view automatically without redirecting back to the Stats window.
  • Added "Map View" button.
    • The map view will display all of your Tower locations on a Google Map. It will also allow you to click on a pin and see the current settings, or go to the edit page of the Tower Site.

Changes v3.15 5/14/2018

New Feature

Plot 360 Coverages
  • On the Coverage creation page, there is a new option in the lower right for Plot Coverage Array. This feature allows you to define the number of sectors, the Advertised sector Beam Width and if you wish to have them evenly spaced apart or side by side.
    • Example: If you select 90° sectors, set the Number of Coverages to 2, the Transmitter Settings Azimuth is at 0, and turn Evenly Spaced on, you will have 2 90° Coverages. One will be named "Your Coverage Name 0 Degree" and the other will be "Your Coverage Name 180 Degree".
    • (Note: These settings are used to determine spacing and have no effect on individual Coverage propagation or EUS/Path Analysis results)

Feature Updates

Coverage Duplicate New Azimuth
  • You can now set the azimuth of the new Coverage before processing to avoid having to process twice.
    • Plot to 360 on Duplicate
  • Also when duplicating, you can use the current Coverage to complete a 360 array of Coverages. This will use the current settings and create as many Coverages as needed to complete the full circle of propagation around the Site.
    • Manage Subscription
  • The Manage Subscription page has been updated to prevent more than one instance from being displayed if you click an unavailable feature multiple times.

Multi Map Updates

  • You no longer have to reprocess your Multi map to change the settings. Only adding and removing Coverages requires the map to be reprocessed. All other settings update the moment you change them with no further action required.
  • The option windows and settings have been completely resigned for ease of use.
  • Load times have been drastically improved.

Changes v3.14.1 1/17/2018


  • Added Map Type Selector, Address Search, Custom Zoom buttons to Fiber/Cable Coverages.
  • Added View EUS Data/ASR Data ability to Fiber/Cable Coverages.
  • Set default values on Fiber/Cable Coverages.
  • Correct the issue with the EUS data Advanced Search not returning values.
  • Set Default Zoom Level to a more reasonable value when creating a new Multi Map.
  • Updated the Multi Map Duplicate feature to update correctly when no Fiber/Cable Coverages are included.
  • Updated EUS Data and Coverages Link Path messages to be more descriptive when the point does not return any link results.
  • Added a "Notes" section to Fiber/Cable Coverages.
  • New Fiber/Cable Coverages will now start with the map at the location in you Company Profile. (Note: To activate this feature you will need to open the Company Profile and click "Update". Upon doing so, if your business address can be geocoded, The "New Sites" and "New Link" maps will start at your business location by default.)

Changes v3.14 1/15/2018

New Feature

  • Fiber Coverages have been added as a Coverage Type.
    • You can now add up to 25 Point or a 70 Km Multi-Point Line to a dynamic map as Coverage. You can also specify the distance, Strand Count, Transport Type, Mode and Color in which you would like to display a polygon away from the Multi-Point line.
    • Fiber/Cable Coverage Color selection will default when Added to Multi Coverages.
    • Upon creating the Fiber/Cable Coverage, the completed Polygon of your Fiber/Cable Coverage will be displayed.
    • Editing the Fiber/Cable Coverages allows you to change all the values.
    • You may also select between editing the path your Fiber/Cable Coverage takes or Adding Points to the Path. (NOTE: only one of these options can be changed at a time but will update and reload immediately after you click "UPDATE", allowing you to also Update the other as well.)


  • Added Fiber Options to Layouts, located under the current Coverages Selection
  • When deleting Multi Coverages, the notification will now let you know which Multi Coverages are included, so that you can locate it easier.
  • Bulk deleting Fiber Coverages will automatically remove them from any Multi Coverage they are included in.
  • All features now appear to all accounts, but users will receive a notice if it is not available to the currently subscribed tier.
  • Added 'Set Map Center' to Multi Coverages.
    • This feature allows you to select a point on the map by clicking to drop a pin. The map will automatically update and open with the pin location as the center until changed.
  • Account Profile based Map centering.
    • To activate this feature you will need to open the Company Profile and click "Update". Upon doing so, if your business address can be geocoded, The 'New Sites' and 'New Link' maps will start at your business location by default.
  • Corrected the 'EUS API Settings' page to display correctly without displaying a generic page.
  • The Manage Subscription page will now open inside any window you are currently viewing. You can also close it without loosing your place on the current task.
  • Task but widget has been relocated to the top right of the dashboard and replaced with the FCC Form 477 countdown timer. this Clock will reset after the due date and start counting down to the next due date.
  • EUS Data as well as the Emails that you receive will now display if the given location is located in a Fiber/Cable Polygon.
  • Multi Map Path Analysis will now display if the given location is located in a Fiber/Cable Polygon.
  • Added Bulk Delete Feature to the Multi Map List.
  • Corrected the issue with Antenna Patterns that are uploaded displaying as omni directional antennas.

Changes v3.13.1 10/06/2017


  • All maps have been updated to not require you to hold Ctrl when attempting to zoom in and out.
  • Corrected resizing issues with the widgets and buttons on the Stats page.

Changes v3.13 10/06/2017


You will possibly need to clear you cache and cookies due to many style changes in this update
  • Updated Payment Details to show a more complete invoice.
  • Removed the Ctrl requirement from MultiMaps when trying to zoom in and out.
  • Removed News Feed from the Stats window.
  • Removed the large Clock from the stats Page and put buttons for Feature Requests, News, and the Change Log in the tile.
  • Increased the size of the Recent Changes tile.
  • Added Non-Updated EUS Data tile to the Stats page.
  • You can now add Custom Pins to your account. This can be located in Account >> EUS Settings.
    • Select from one of the new icons
    • Give it any name you wish to use.
    • It will then become available to assign to EUS data when Updating an entry.

Changes v3.12 8/31/2017


  • Corrected text Contrast on the OFF/CHANGE button of the bulk Coverage reprocess page.
  • From an existing Coverage, there is now a Radio icon on the top of the edit panel. By clicking this, you can create a New Radio System using the values of the current Coverage.
  • Input/Read-Only Accounts can now update their own Password, Start Page and Name.
  • All GET API's will now return 'Last Updated' in the response XML.
  • All maps have now been set to open in Hybrid view rather than Road map view.
  • Updated the registration page to a more user friendly Captcha.
  • All accounts can now create multiple Land Cover versions. Each Coverage or Link can use different Land Cover settings.
  • Bug reports are now an available type in the Feature Requests page.
  • Updated the Multi Map and Coverage Map so that the Address search toolbar does not hide when the Edit panel is hidden.

Changes v3.11.1 8/10/2017

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Visual error on Manage Subscription page where if subscribed you could not see the list of features by tier table.
  • Correct the tutorial window. It now properly calls the correct domain.
  • Added Approval pending to the Feature Request page. If you submit a request, it will display Pending Approval until Verified by an Admin of
  • Updated the "I want This!" column. When a feature is completed the plus button will be removed and a check mark displaying completed will appear.
  • Corrected Edit Site page not displaying the pin if the site was created prior to v3 release.
  • Improved the 'Brought to you by Link Technologies Inc' link on the Stats page.
  • Corrected intermittent issue with Tutorial window not being movable on some pages.
  • Corrected visual errors on Edit Coverages/MultiCoverage/Links pages, Delete and Duplicate buttons were displaying incorrectly.
  • Updated the New links page to recenter the Map when changing the Site locations.

Changes v3.11 7/24/2017

New Features

  • When creating a new link, you can now see a map view that auto detects your location to set the map center.
  • When you select 2 Site locations in a New Link, it will show you pins on the map at the location of the 2 sites and draw a line between them.
  • If you have greater than 500 Sites, Coverages, Links or Multi Maps, it will load only the 500 most recently updated and display a button to click at the bottom of the window if you would like to display them all.
  • Improved usability and flow of the Home page "Find A Provider* feature.
  • Added a button in the top right of the Stats page. The button takes you to a page to request new features or even let us know if you like a feature that someone else already suggested.

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • When duplicating Multi Coverages and Coverages, the new map being processed will now appear in the Recent Changes Widget on your Stats page.
  • Corrected an issue with not being able to see or Print all Payments if using the new billing system.
  • Added scroll ability to KML Overlays window.
  • Added Scroll to +ADD window in Multi Coverages.
  • Corrected the Pins when viewing Link Groups to allow them to be clicked to view the Link Analysis rather than only being able to click the small line between the points.
  • Corrected the view of all side bar lists to display correctly.
  • The height in the left side table will now update if you enter the Antenna Height for AP or the Client Average in feet.
  • Terms of use page can now be clearly viewed.
  • The find a Provider display has been corrected to not display the tool bar from the Dashboard.
  • Find a Provider will now open in a new page rather than in a lightbox.
  • Corrected the Coverage List not loading properly after a Path Analysis that contains no results.
  • On EUS Data Details, the pin type will automatically save when you change it. Clicking update is no longer needed.
  • Added Labels to Captcha Field.
  • When attempting to Delete a Site, you will be notified if the Site is being used by a Coverage or Link.
  • Corrected the API Template Generator to copy code correctly and automatically apply your account ID and Key to the code.
  • Corrected the Template generator to work properly in FireFox.
  • Find a provider Captcha changed to reCaptcha.