Overlay Settings

Rendering Quality

Rendering Quality determines the pixelation of the coverage map. There are three options here for Rendering Quality. Typically “High Resolution” is fine for most coverage maps, however, if you have a lot of hills and trees you may want to get the maximum resolution out of the data sets provided. In areas outside of the USA, the high resolution map will return virtually the same results as the maximum since the resolution of the land cover and terrain data is lower than within the USA.

The rendering quality on a Multi Map is determined by the size of the area that map covers. The larger the area, the lower resolution it displays at.


This value determines how bold the colors of your coverage are. 50% will allow you to easily see features of the map under the coverage.

Maximum Range

The Maximum Range default is set to 20km. Most WISP operations do not do point to multi-point links over this distance, and it is usually sufficient. In some cases though, you may only want to show coverage out to 2-5 km. By lowering value, TowerCoverage.com will not show coverage outside of that distance from the site location.

This feature is also used in the frequency usage planning; please see the Frequency Usage section for more information on how this variable works.