New Site / Edit Sites

Site Name

This is the identity of your Tower location.

Default Height

The default height can be entered in either meters or feet. The system will convert feet into meters automatically.

GPS Location

Simply enter your Latitude/Longitude coordinates. If you have the Degree/Minutes/Seconds GPS format, you can enter it as well and the site will convert it to the decimal method for you.

Remember that if the location in in the Southern Hemisphere, the Latitude will be a negative value and the Longitude will be negative for the Western Hemisphere.

Address Search

Address Search Feature: This allows you to enter an address, and the website will find the geo location for that address. This is not perfect though; you typically will have to view the map, zoom in and verify that your pin is on the tower. You can also move the pin around the map. Please ensure the bottom of the pin is on the exact location for your site.